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Data centre

Argo Data Center was established in April 2002, jointly supported by the Department of Basic Research of the Ministry of Science & Technology (PRC), Department of Science & Technology and International and Cooperative Department, State Oceanic Administration (PRC), and by the Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA and the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED). It oversees the implementation of China Argo Project and China Argo Ocean Observation Network. Argo Data Center undertakes the tasks of China Argo buoy placement; observation data reception, quality control, and data exchange; and global Argo data collection, processing and distribution. It is named as “CSIO” by the Global Argo Data Center. Argo Data Center has established shared service system of Argo data receiving, processing and distributing for different types of buoys and different types of satellite communication, and has developed Argo-related data products. In the recent five years, the Center has received, processed and distributed more than 30,000 temperature and salinity profiles (and some dissolved oxygen profiles) from more than 300 Argo buoys deployed by Chinese teams. Since October 2015, the data are uploaded to the GTS through China Meteorological Administration’s GTS nodes. In October 2015, the Beidou Profile Buoy Data Service Center was set up under the coordination with the No. 701 Institute of China Ship Building Industry, and began to provide observation data receiving, decoding, quality control, and exchange for domestic profile buoy data users. It is also the first time for China’s marine observation instruments being used for international cooperation surveys. Argo Data Center has become the third important platform, which provides observation data transmission for the Global Argo Real-time Observation Network, after the Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) in Toulouse, France and CLS America in Lanham, Maryland, USA.