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At Numerical Computing Center, there is a high-performance computer cluster system, with floating-point computing capacity of over 8 trillion times per second. In April 2012,  the system hardware and software were upgraded on a large scale, with the system structure adjusted and the realization of the landing node and IO node double control. The total storage capacity of the system is 37T after storage hardware upgrade, which meets the need of super-large-scale numerical simulation and data assimilation to certain extent. Also, the operating system and application software are upgraded, including math libraries, image software, among others; and the GRIDVIEW mainframe integrated management system with more powerful statistical functions is installed. To strengthen the management and sharing of the computer cluster system, SOED staff developed a laboratory quality management system operating document Second Institute of Oceanography operating papers: high-performance computing clusters of technical regulations. The Numerical Computing Center is available as a free shared platform for lab staff and for personnel at other labs within the SIO. The center organizes user-oriented system use training each year, and gradually establishes a comprehensive user management system.


Lin’an Base


Toward SOED's development goals, the lab has further integrated and upgraded the platforms on the basis of four existing technical support platforms (Satellite Ground Station, Argo Data Center, Numerical Computing Center, and Ocean Survey Equipment Department). In 2016, relying on the support of the Second Institute of Oceanography, Lin'an Base has started its construction, which will provide more than 1,000 square meters of experimental space for the SOED Large Data Storage and Computing Center, SOED equipment sharing center, and China Argo Real-Time Data Center. The completion of the construction of these platforms will greatly promote the sharing of data and equipment, as well as interdisciplinary research.