Associate Researcher CHEN Shuangling is Selected into “Qianjiang Talents”


Recently, Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province released the lists of C/D sponsored projects of Qianjiang Talents 2020. Associate Researcher CHEN Shuangling from our key laboratory is selected into the D category project.

Associate researcher, postgraduate supervisor, CHEN Shuangling achieved her doctoral degree in University of South Florida (instructed by Prof. HU Chuanmin) and she was invited to join SOED in 2018 through the project for introducing talents of high level technical professionals. Dr Chen’s research interests focus on ocean color satellite remote sensing, air-sea CO2 flux and the ocean carbon cycle. She was awarded funding by National Natural Science Foundation and participated the key projects funded by Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Chen has published 9 SCI papers, wrote a monograph published by Springer and achieved innovative research results in surface ocean pCO2 and sea surface salinity from satellite ocean color measurements. She also serves as the reviewer of SCI journal Remote Sensing of EnvironmentContinental Shelf Research.

"Qianjiang Talent Plan" is funded by Zhejiang Province to support overseas scholars and teams who have recently returned to Zhejiang to continue their work and start their own businesses. The program is divided into social sciences talents (category C) and professionals in short supply (category D). Category D projects are mainly funded for overseas scholars who have special expertise or are engaged in technological entrepreneurship and innovation in Zhejiang Province. In 2020, a total of 34 talents are selected into the D project of “Qianjiang Talent Plan”.