Application Guidelines for SOED 2020 Youth Visiting“Ocean-Star Scholarship”


To promote basic research, applied research, and academic exchanges in physical oceanography, satellite oceanography, and related interdisciplines, and to encourage domestic and overseas scientists to participate in research at the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED), we invites qualified researchers to apply for Youth Visiting “Ocean-Star Scholarship.” Application processes and management measures are as follows.

I. Who Should Apply

Domestic and overseas scientists under 45 years old.

II. Sponsored Research Fields

  The three main research directions of the SOED, namely, 1) technology and application of satellite remote sensing, 2) ocean dynamics and ecosystems, and 3) ocean circulation and climate variability; and related interdisciplines.

III. Sponsor System

1. Source of Funds: Operating funds of SOED.

2. Quota of Sponsored Fund: SOED offers Youth “Ocean-Star Scholar” living allowances of RMB 7,500 to 1,5000 per month. A single visit to SOED should be 0.5-3 months. Meanwhile, SOED offers a reimbursement quota of RMB 8000 per year for travel expenses.

3. Term of Employment:

     Application should be for a single employment term, which extends to two years;

    After the first employment term, if the applicant is evaluated as “excellent” by the Evaluation Committee, he/she may automatically obtain a continuation of an employment term.

IV. Approval Processes

1. The application for Youth Visiting “Ocean-Star Scholarship” is open perennially.

2. Submitting Application: The applicant should first fill in the Visiting “Ocean-Star Scholarship” application form of SOED,CV attachedas well. The applicant may identify and contact his/her collaborator at SOED first, and the two parties jointly submit the application to SOED. The applicant may also submit application materials on his/her own, and the Administrative Committee would recommend a collaborator.

3. Approval: The Administrative Committee will evaluate the applicant’s academic defense.

V. Copy Rights of Achievements

 The research achievement made by a visiting scholar during his/her time at SOED, and the intellectual property rights of the achievement are reserved jointly by SOED and the “Ocean-Star Scholar,” with SOED signed as the first signature. The signature is as follows:

The State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics, Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR.

VI. Contact Information

Contact: Ms. LI Jingjing

Tel: 0571-81025890

Fax: 0571-88839374