Announcement of "6th SOED Ocean Summer Camp"


The State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) is the only state key laboratory in the former State Oceanic Administration. Motivated by vital needs for protecting national maritime rights and interests and for disaster prevention and mitigation, and with the goals of improving technology and theory used for establishing three-dimensional marine environmental monitoring and prediction systems, the staff at SOED carries out research on satellite marine environment dynamics, with an emphasis on application. There are currently over 110 members at the SOED, including two academicians of CAS, one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), two members of “The Thousand Talents Plan” for global talents, one member of “National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project,” three members of national “Ten Thousand Talents Plan,” two members of “National Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars,” one member of “Young Science and Technology Innovation Leaders,” 20 members of provincial and ministerial talents programs. SOED has well-balanced research teams, with highly qualified senior staff as academic leaders and talented young as the backbone. At present, there are eight graduate advisers of ocean dynamics, nine graduate advisers of atmospheric circulation and sea-air interaction, and 13 graduate advisers of ocean remote sensing.

In order to expand exchanges and build a marine science and technology base with distinctive features and significant international influence, SOED plans to hold the "Sixth SOED Ocean Summer Camp" in Hangzhou and its surrounding areas from July 15 to 18, 2019. The summer camp will provide students a chance to get familiar with the state key laboratory, and to promote communication among outstanding college students through academic lectures, laboratory visits, face-to-face discussions with both senior and young researchers, and with graduate students, and field practice. The summer camp plans to enroll about 30 students. SOED will provide free accommodation for students. Transportation expenses to and from the camp are paid by students themselves.

The selected campers can apply for SOED’s graduate programs in 2020 without taking exams, and gain bonus points for postgraduate interviews. We sincerely invite outstanding undergraduate students of Class 2020 to attend the camp!

I. Application requirements

1. Graduates of Class 2020 majoring in marine science, atmospheric science, remote sensing, mathematics, physics, and other related fields, who have a strong interest in the marine fields and are interested in marine scientific research with good research potential;

2. Students with excellent academic performance, who can obtain the exam exemption for graduate studies, are preferred;

3. Good command of English, CET 6 (425 or above) preferred.

II. Activities

1. Opening ceremony, introduction of the laboratory.

2. Laboratory visits, including satellite ground receiving station, satellite data receiving and processing system, Argo data center, and instrument and equipment sharing center.

3. Lectures and seminars, including special academic lectures, seminars by well-known scientists, young scientists and postgraduate students, face-to-face communication and communication with advisers, etc.

4. Practice at sea, travel with the ship and conduct on-the-spot training on the operation of marine instruments (Qiandao Lake or other places)

III. Registration and admission

Please fill in the application form (appendix 1) and summary form (appendix 2), and send them to before June 22, 2019, together with your resume, transcripts (with official seal) and other supporting materials (academic papers, patents, award certificates, CET-6 certificates, etc.). Email subject line: "summer camp + name of school + name." Applications’ review and admission will be completed by June 27, and the decision will be sent to you via email.

IV. Contact

Contact Person: Ms. Li Jingjing

Tel: 0571-81025890


Laboratory website: