Young Scholars Participated in the 16th Asian-Oceania Earth Science Society Annual Meeting


 Recently, the 16th Asian-Oceania Earth Science Society (AOGS) Annual Meeting was held at the Suntec International Conference and Exhibition Center in Singapore. Nearly 3,000 scientists from China, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and India participated in the meeting. Researchers Xing Xiaogang and Chen Shuangling, assistant researchers Gao Yanqiu, Zhang Han and Li Dong from our lab also participated in this meeting.


Founded in Singapore in 2003, the AOGS is one of the most important academic organizations of Earth sciences in Asia and Oceania. Its Annual Meeting has established a broad academic exchange and communication platform for scientists in the field of geosciences in Asia and the world. The conference focused on eight topics, including atmospheric science, bio-geoscience, hydrology, interdisciplinary Earth science, marine science, planetary science, solar and Earth science, and solid Earth science. Exchanges were carried out in the forms of Invited speeches, Oral presentations, and poster presentations.


At the meeting, young scholars from our lab gave oral reports in the field of marine sciences and bio-geoscience, highlighting the application of biological Argo buoy monitoring, ocean color remote sensing technology, ENSO forecast, tropical air-sea interaction, and ultra-abyssal carbon cycle. They also participated in various thematic discussions actively. They interacted with both Chinese and foreign scientists. They showcased the latest results of our lab’s marine research, and laid a good foundation for future international cooperation. (LI Dong, XING Xiaogang)