SOED Ocean-Star Open Course Series (2019 Summer Course)



Chen-Tung Arthur Chen

The State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics will invite Professor Chen-Tung Arthur Chen from the Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan to teach "Advanced Marine Chemistry," part of the SOED Ocean Star Open Course Series, from July 15th to August 9th. The deadline for registration is June 20th. Interested students and researchers are required to register in advance.

Prof. Arthur Chen is a distinguished scientist in the field of marine carbon cycling and global change. His research interests include seawater nutrients and carbon chemistry, ocean acidification, and global climate change (including paleoclimatology). He has published more than 200 papers in SCI journals such as Nature and Science. Homepage:

Course Title: Advanced Marine chemistry

Language: Chinese  

Time: 15th Jul. – 9th Aug., 2019

Qualification to attend: Master students, Ph.D. candidates, or researchers

Introduction: The main contents include introduction to oceanography, structure and physical properties of purified water and sea water, composition and thermodynamic properties of sea water, seawater analytical chemistry, isotope marine chemistry, gases in sea water, nutrients, carbonate system, organics and basic productivity in sea water, ocean interface and marine abiotic resources.


Application Guideline

I. Qualification to Attend

Masters, Ph.D. candidates, or young researchers

II. How to Apply

Please contact;

III. Application Deadline

Now to 20th June 2019;

V. Course Venue

Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources (No. 36 North Baochu Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China)

VI. Fee

The Open Courses of SOED are free. The attendants need only to cover their own accommodation and travel expenses.

VII. Contact Information

Contact Person: LI Jingjing     Tel: 0571-81025890                 

Fax: 0571-88839374    E-mail: