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Summer Camp

Open Day

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    2017 the 4th SOED Summer Camp Rounded Off

    From July 17th to 20th, the 4th SOED Summer Camp started in Hangzhou. Nearly 30 juniors majored in marine science from Ocean University of China, Shanghai Ocean University, Guangdong Ocean University, Nanjing University, Hohai University, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, etc. participated the camp.Recalling the four-day Summer Camp, students have participated in the opening ceremony, lab visiting, academic lectures, well-known scientists forum, "face to face" communication with advisers, and on-site training, etc.    The opening ceremony was presided over by Dr. BAI Yan, the Deputy Director of SOED. Dr. BAI Yan first warmly welcomed all the students who participated in the summer camp, and then made an introduction of SOED, after which all the teachers and students who participated in the ceremony carried out a brief self-introduction. After the opening ceremony, the students visited the Satellite Ground Station, Satellite Data Receiving and Processing System, Argo Data Center, and Marine Instruments Sharing Platform. In the afternoon, five reports concerned about Ocean Color Remote Sensing, Marine Microwave Remote Sensing, Argo and Bio-Argo Ocean Observation, Offshore processes and ecosystems, as well as ocean circulation and climate change and other areas of the basic knowledge were given, respectively, by Dr. HE Xianqiang, Dr. ZHENG Gang, Dr. WANG Yuntao, Dr. TIAN Di, and Dr. LIAN Tao.    In the next two days, students participated in the face-to-face communication with advisers and on-site training in Thousand-Island Lake.    After the summer camp, the students have also expressed their thoughts and thanks, and look forward to seeing each other again! For this summer camp, SOED has paid great attention to this summer camp. We hope that SOED Summer Camp will become a link between students and advisers of SOED, so that more people will get to know about SOED.                                                    

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    2016 the 3rd SOED Summer Camp Rounded Off

         On August 8th, the 3rd SOED (the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics) Summer Camp was held in Hangzhou. More than 10 college juniors participated in the camp. They majored in marine sciences, and came from the Ocean University of China, Shanghai Ocean University, Hohai University, Zhejiang University, etc.     In the afternoon of August 8th, Dr. Bai Yan, the Communist Party Committee Secretary of the Lab, attended the opening ceremony. In the opening ceremony, Dr. Bai extended warm welcome to the students and gave a brief introduction of the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO) and SOED. Afterwards, led by the staff of SOED, the campers toured the exhibition room on the first floor of the scientific research building and the labs of SOED. These students in marine sciences showed great interests in research themes of SOED, and actively approached researchers in different fields to inquire about enrollment procedures. After the tour, the SOED organized a symposium for the campers to communicate with researchers and graduate students of SOED. Mr. L Jijiang of the Personnel Department, Dr. Tang Youmin, and some graduate students of SOED took part in the symposium. During the symposium, campers asked questions about research themes and related issues of graduate entrance examinations, and showed a burning desire for attending graduate studies at the SOED.     One the second day of the summer camp, Mr. Cao Zhenyi, Chen peng, Yan Yunwei, Liao Guanghong, and Liu Xiaohui gave lectures on Marine Observation Technology (hydrology), Marine Observation Technology (remote sensing), the Primary Understanding of Physical Oceanography, Demon in the Water -- Internal Wave, and the Development and Application of Ocean Numerical Simulation. The campers listened carefully to the lectures and actively communicated with the lecturers. In the afternoon, some staff of SOED and the campers went to Qiandao Lake for the practice component of the camp -- marine equipment demonstration.     On the third day, Mr. Ni Xiaobo did marine equipment demonstration for the campers, most of whom had on-site marine equipment practice training for the first time. They showed profound interest and determined to devote themselves to marine science in future. 

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