SOED Held 2018 Annual Academic Exchange Meeting


From December 20 to 21, the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics of the Second Institute of Ocean Resources of the Ministry of Natural Resources (hereinafter referred to as SOED) held 2018 Annual Academic Exchange Meeting in Hangzhou. Academician Su Jilan of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of SOED Dr. Chai Fei, Professor Liu Qinyu of Ocean University of China, Professor Xue Huijie of the University of Maine, Dr. Zuo Hao of European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, SOED Visiting Ocean-Star Scholar such as Associate Professor Wan Zhanhong of Zhejiang University, and the teams and the staff of supporting platforms at SOED attended the meeting.

    The two-day meeting mainly includes the achievement report of 2015-2018 highlights of SOED scientific research teams, the special report of Visiting Ocean-Star Scholars, the report of SOED cross-disciplinary research project, and the reports of the supporting platform. The participating experts gave wonderful comments on the report and gave many constructive suggestions on the existing problems.

    Since 2016, SOED has greatly improved the communication and cooperation capabilities by setting Independent Projects and Visiting Ocean-Star Scholar, etc. This meeting has made a phased summary of the implementation of the past two years. In addition, next year is the last year of the third evaluation period of the national key laboratory. At present, SOED has made breakthroughs in many aspects, and further needs to be further refined. This meeting also laid the foundation for the start of evaluation. 

    At the end of the meeting, Director Chai Fei provided guidance on the construction and development of the SOED. He said that it is necessary to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of young talents, to develop cross-disciplinary work of multiple disciplines based on the advantages of the platform of the laboratory, and to encourage scientists to continuously make progress and innovation on the basis of quality and quantity, in order to do a good job for the evaluation.