SOED Held 2017 Academic Meeting and the Third Meeting of the Third Academic Committee


From March 19th to 21st, 2017 SOED Academic Meeting and the Third Meeting of the Third Academic Committee was held in Hangzhou. The attendees of the meeting include: the head of Science Department of SOA, Mr. QU Tanzhou, Academician WU Guoxiong, Academician SU Jilan, Academician TONG Qingxi, Academician HU Dunxin, Academician PAN Delu, Academician MU Mu, Academician JIAO Nianzhi, Academician ZHOU Chenhu, Academician LI Jiabiao, Academician CHEN Dake, Academician DAI Minhan, Director of SKLEC, Professor GAO Shu, Deputy Director of SCSIO, Dr. XU Jie, etc.

  During the meeting, Academician HU Dunxin, Academician DAI Minhan, and Professor GAN Jianping gave invited talks. Fifteen scientists and nine Ocean-Star Scholars of SOED also reported the newest research progress. The Ocean-Star Scholar is a special talent plan established by SOED in 2012. After the implementation of several years, it has been demonstrating its effectiveness in attracting high-end talents, strengthening cross-innovation cooperation research, and enhancing SOED's national and international influences.

  During the meeting, the Deputy Director of SIO, Dr. HUANG Daji made a speech, saying that as the supporting unit, SIO will continue to support the development of SOED as always. The head of Science Department of SOA, Mr. QU Tanzhou, proposed guiding suggestions and ardent expectations for the construction and development of the lab. He pointed out that the development of the State Key Laboratory should be adapted to the needs of reforms, and basic research should be done.

  SOED Director CHAI Fei made 2017 Annual Report by Introducing the progress in team building, personnel training, results condensing, open communication, platform construction and operation management in 2017. At the same time, he reviewed the results of the past three years, compared them with the results of the last evaluation. Later on, the representatives of the three directions of SOED introduced the latest research progress.

  The Academic Committee Meeting was chaired by Academician WU Guoxiong, the Director of Academic Committee. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the current deficiencies of the lab, the preparations required before the next evaluation period, and the future direction of development. Experts of the meeting expressed their own opinions and put forward many feasible suggestions. They unanimously recommended that the lab should focus on the country's major strategic needs, highlight the characteristics of the lab, strengthen the conciseness of scientific results, and make preparations for assessment; should pay more attention to the lab’s long-term development, strengthen cross-disciplinary research; and should further improve talents team, in particular, improve the training of young researchers and the introduction of talents.

  More than 160 scholars from over 20 universities and institutes around the world participated in the meeting. This is a meeting for the construction and development of SOED, and it is also a grand meeting for academic exchanges of marine science. Looking back at 2017, SOED has achieved fruitful results. Heads up to 2018, the SOED will not forget its original vision and will keep the mission in mind, forging ahead and creating greater glories!