Professor Bertrand Chapron, etc. from France to visit SOED


Recently, invited by Dr. YANG Jinsong from SOED, former head of the Ifremer Laboratoire Océanographie Spatiale Professor Bertrand CHAPRON, Professor Lofti AOUF from the Division of Marine et Océanographie (DPREVI/MAR), and Ms. Yvonne TRAN from the France Consulate General in Shanghai visited SOED. The two professors gave excellent reports for SOED scientists.

During the reports, the two French experts gave a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the development and application of the current satellite altimeter. Professor Bertrand Chapron mainly introduced the application of the new generation of satellite altimeters in ocean such as hurricanes, eddies, marine ecological responses, etc. Professor Lofti Aouf focuses on how to assimilate satellite altimeter data and SAR data to improve the accuracy of wave prediction. Subsequently, Dr. YANG Jinsong SOED’s new progresses in the marine microwave remote sensing. SOED scientists benefit a lot from the wonderful reports, and launched heated discussion.


In the afternoon, a panel discussion was held in the administrative building. Ms. Yvonne TRAN, Professor Bertrand CHAPRON, Professor Lofti AOUF, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department Mr. ZENG Jiangning, Deputy Director of SOED Dr. BAI Yan, Dr. YANG Jinsong and other scientists participated in the panel. Mr. ZENG Jiangning welcomed guests from France, and introduced the basic situation of SIO, the status of marine research, and international cooperation over the years. Subsequently, the two sides launched a warm and discussion in ocean observation, Chinese-French Oceanography Satellite (CFOSAT) application, and other fields. Prof. Bertrand CHAPRON and Prof. YANG Jinsong are the chief scientists of Sino-European “Dragon Plan”.