SOED Open Course Held: Introduction to Optical Oceanography and Water Color Remote Sensing


May 8th, SOED Open Course Introduction to Optical Oceanography and Water Color Remote Sensing was held. The Course was taught by the vice president of Sequoia Scientific, Inc, Dr. Curt D. Mobley, and has attracted over 30 young scientists and students from Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Marine Environment Monitoring Center, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Nanjing University, Tongji University, China Ocean University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Chengdu Information Engineering University, etc.

    Dr. Curtis Mobley is a Vice President and Senior Scientist at Sequoia Scientific, Inc. He is an internationally recognized expert in radiative transfer theory applied to Optical Oceanography and ocean color remote sensing. His papers and books have been cited almost 10,000 times; his HydroLight software is used by researchers around the world. Dr. Mobley received the 2016 Jerlov Award for his lifetime of contributions to Optical Oceanography.

    Dr. Mobley’s course will introduce the basics of Optical Oceanography, including radiometry, inherent and apparent optical properties, theory and models for absorption and scattering, and radiative transfer theory. Students will learn to use the HydroLight radiative transfer software. Also, it will introduce ocean color remote sensing, including atmospheric correction for both satellite and aircraft sensors, and statistical and semi-analytical algorithms for retrieval of environmental information in both deep and shallow waters. Incorporation of optics into ocean ecosystem models will also be discussed.

    SOED is creating a unique marine science and technology platform with distinctive international influence. To showcase the lab, SOED has set up a series of “Ocean-Star Open Courses,” which are open to Ph. D. candidates and young researchers nationwide by inviting internationally renowned scientists to teach. In 2017, four short courses will be offered in spring and summer, namely, Satellite Oceanography, Cycles in the Earth System, Introduction to Optical Oceanography and Ocean Color Remote Sensing, Innovation in Science and Technology: Understanding American Culture and Politics, and Chemical Oceanography. Detailed information is available at the official website of SOED (