SOED Open Course Held: Innovation in Science and Technology: Understanding American Culture and Politics


On May 9th, SOED Open Course Innovation in Science and Technology: Understanding American Culture and Politics was held. The Course was taught by distinguished development consultant Ms. Ann Kruse. Some of the middle-level leaders of SIO attended the course.

    Ms. Ann Kruse has been advising business and organization leaders for over 30 years, as a lawyer, an organization development consultant, a human resources manager, and a professional executive coach.  She has worked in several businesses and industries.  She is an experienced speaker, trainer and group facilitator. She has traveled to China five times since 2005 and is a member of the China Club of Seattle, attending regular programs about current events affecting US-China relations.   

    The course described key practices used by American businesses and science organizations to generate innovation. In a series of lectures and small group discussions, participants learned the four stages of innovation, the four types of organizational cultures (and how each handles innovation differently), and the ways in which national cultures (American, Chinese and others) both help and hinder innovation. 

    SOED is creating a unique marine science and technology platform with distinctive international influence. To showcase the lab, SOED has set up a series of “Ocean-Star Open Courses,” which are open to Ph. D. candidates and young researchers nationwide by inviting internationally renowned scientists to teach. In 2017, four short courses are offered in spring and summer, namely, Satellite Oceanography, Cycles in the Earth System, Introduction to Optical Oceanography and Ocean Color Remote Sensing, Innovation in Science and Technology: Understanding American Culture and Politics, and Chemical Oceanography. Detailed information is available at the official website of SOED (