Exploring the Deep Blue--Public Science Day of SOED


In accordance with the National Science Day, Exploring the Deep Blue--Public Science Day was jointly held by SOED and Zhejiang Society for Oceanography on May 23rd and 24th, 2017.

    After the announcement of Public Science Day, we received a lot of enthusiastic inquiries from primary and secondary schools, and university groups. On the first day of the event, despite of heavy rain, people who are interested in marine sciences all hurried in to participate in the Public Science Day. The activities included visiting the exhibition hall of the Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, and some thematic popular science reports. In the popular science exhibition hall, young scientists introduced marine knowledge, such as satellite for ocean, physical oceanography, marine ecology and marine geology in combination with science exhibition boards and various objects. After the exhibition, four lectures were presented, including Light and Ocean given by Dr. Tao Bangyi, Exploring Edged Tools of Ocean given by SeniorEngineer Ni Xiaobo and Associate Researcher Liu Zenghong, and Arctic Ocean and Polar Bear by Dr. Zhang Yang. During the lectures, applauses erupted many times. After that, visitors provided feedbacks, and received small gifts from the lab.

    SOED has officially established its Ocean Science Promotion Team, which will make systematic and comprehensive contribution to public marine education. For more information please follow the official WeChat of SOED.